Hello, I'm Steve Stanley, a U.S. voice actor | voice over artist...

originally from the Midwest (U.S.), and currently located along the jade colored waters of the southern Gulf  Coast.


I've been graciously involved with some level of voice over work for over 30 years. From  recording and production for broadcast and non-broadcast, to public speaking and voice acting.  

Along the way, I've enjoyed successes that include: On-Air Personality of the Year (4x), Vocal, Sound, and Production awards (10x), and even Dean's List honors (2x), while returning to undergraduate studies.

I'm a creative... seeking, learning, and working out ways to improve what I do. And in between, I pause for a few of the simpler things, family, video gaming, movies, and the beach.

Recording and producing projects is what I am truly passionate about... employee training modules, internet marketing projects, e-Learning, radio | television commercials and station imagingpromos, etc.

And, having been associated with the world's most

highly recognized brands, including; Budweiser, Cane'sPride Mobility, Jeep, Ford Lumber Co., and Analym Pharmaceutical, has honestly been quite humbling. 

So has stage and voice acting. I've enjoyed providing character voices for numerous projects including a stage production of, It's a Wonderful LifeNickelodeon's Invader Zim, Insomniac gaming's Sly Cooper, and several DisneyMarvel and Star Wars related productions.

I've also been featured as DOTA 2's Night Stalker, in the short film "Speak of the Devil", developed by Terrarium Pictures for VALVe Corp., and Steam gaming in 2019.  Both Emperor and Daemon voices of Iedolas Aldercapt in a Square Enix audiobook project; Final Fantasy XV: Shattered Dreams.  And,The Spider in a Bungie video game related machinama project: Destiny 2 : Forsaken, The Hunt Begins

My work has been described as engagingexpressive and clever. And my delivery as versatile, clear and distinct.

Others have praised an ease in working with me, and have noted that I'm a professional who

is not afraid to step up.


As each business partnership grows, a shared bond of appreciation and value is created. 


Complete satisfaction with every project is the goal. So, what is it we can we create together? 


Let's share an opportunity to make it bigger. Reach out with the email below, or use the chat icon to send me a message, and let's get started.


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